Intoxalock Ignition Interlock (located in Sonoita Auto Service Center)
4.6/5 from 12,387
3256 Highway 82
Sonoita, AZ 85637
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With the largest network of locations nationwide, excellent 24/7 customer support, competitive pricing and an easy-to-use and reliable device, Intoxalock ignition interlock devices are the best value on the market.

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at Sonoita Auto Service Center

Need an ignition interlock device near Sonoita? Intoxalock is available at Sonoita Auto Service Center, a certified Intoxalock ignition interlock installer. We can install your breathalyzer in cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles.

Sonoita Auto Service Center is a certified Intoxalock service center in Sonoita, AZ. To have your ignition interlock device installed by a professional and friendly staff, call today and schedule your appointment. In addition to handling installs, callibrations and removals, Sonoita Auto Service Center also offers a variety of other auto services. The team will be happy to take a look under the hood of your car or truck and can service your car as needed. Intoxalock Ignition Interlock is proud to offer award winning customer service and trusted locations around the country. With over 25 years of experience, and more install locations than any other provider, it's all about convenience. We can get you scheduled at Sonoita Auto Service Center ASAP. Feel free to wait with your vehicle or drop it off in the morning for pick up later. You can trust that your vehicle is in good hands. Intoxalock certified technicians will install your breathalyzer and make sure you know how to use it. Get back on the road quickly and confidently with Intoxalock. We've got this.
Call us at (844) 899-6211 to schedule an installation

Intoxalock locations near Sonoita, AZ