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Intoxavisor is a digital violation analysis system that helps monitoring authorities with interlock clients better understand if a violation has occurred. This tool makes monitoring 300 clients feel like monitoring 30 by helping to cut down the time devoted to reviewing IID data logs.Intoxavisor is a brand new tool within Intoxalock's Log Reporter.

When a flagged BrAC appears within the data log, an Intoxavisor scale also appears. This scale will appear with “Highly Unlikely”, “Unlikely”, “Undetermined”, “Likely”, or “Highly Likely” underneath it. Intoxavisor currently does not review photos associated with data logs when scoring violations.

Highly Unlikely




Highly Likely

  • A violation is marked undetermined only if a violation cannot be substantiated. For questions or manual review by a state specialist, please email
  • Hover of the scale score to receive context behind the likelihood of occurrence designated for each violation by the tool.

BrAC Violation: Highly Likely. User supplied BrAC sample of .053. 2+ subsequent samples dissipated at a rate consistent with alcohol consumption.


For questions on how Intoxavisor can help you, email

*Intoxavisor (R) is a registered trademark of Consumer Safety Technology, LLC. This tool is being provided for informational purposes only. Intoxalock assumes no liability for the information provided by, or decisions made based upon, this tool. Dissipation rates used to score BrAC violations do not take into account an individual's characteristics, such as gender, size, weight, and food intake. The timestamp on a log message marks the time an event or violation occurred in the customer’s time zone as reflected in the customer’s account.

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