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monitor at computer using log reporter


Intoxacademy gives you access to training on Intoxalock’s devices, monitoring solutions as well as hand outs and job aids to help support you while monitoring your clients.

Intoxalock Introduction

Brief overview of Intoxalock, our Alcohol Monitoring Devices and the IID process for clients
Duration: 10 minutes | Hands outs included

Log Reporter Overview

Comprehensive session on what Log Reporter is and how to use it to your advantage
Duration: 15 minutes | Hands outs included


Intoxavisor® is the newest monitoring tool within Log Reporter and helps cut down the time monitors need to review their cases. Not available in NY.
Duration: 10 minutes | Hand outs included

CSS Integration (TX Monitors Only)

Intoxalock is the only IID vendor integrated with Community Software Solutions. Learn More about this Integration in this session.
Duration: 5 minutes | Hand outs included

Summary Reports

Learn more about summary reports, what’s included and where to find them.
Duration: 10 minutes | Hand outs included