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Ignition interlock installation reviews

Intoxalock is a top rated ignition interlock providerWill the installation take a long time? Will it damage my vehicle? Rest assured that Intoxalock ignition interlock service center locations are state certified installers and they come highly recommended. We ensure they treat our customers with respect and help them understand how to use our devices.

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"Outstanding service! I spoke with Kim. I was so impressed with how well he handled my situation. For the first time in this whole nightmare I was treated as a human being again. I also am 100% satisfied with your pricing and availability to handle this matter quickly and with ease. Your installer who recommended you, which was Ziebart in Pewaukee WI did an outstanding job." –John, 4-13-16

"Roumel was the guy I talked to, he was awesome!!! This guy rushed the process for me had a device sent overnight and called my officer for me to find my info, and did this all in 20 minutes!!!! He found a place on a Sunday for me, I can't thank him enough. Every other place I called did not help. He knew what needed to be done and got it done fast!! Thank you again man. This person needs to be recognize and the company!!! I can't say it enough THANKS." –Kasey, TX, 12/4/2015

"The reps I dealt with from answering my calls to helping line up the installation [ignition interlock device] were very professional and helpful. They could answer questions that my attorney/court had not answered or helped me with. Thank you for the understanding that I am not a hardened criminal." –RB, IA, 9/1/15

“They made a difficult situation easier and were very polite and helpful. During the first phone call, the process was explained and I felt so much better about how it works and that they were very much willing to help and answer my questions. It was initially a very confusing process but after it was explained, I felt comfortable a out the process and what I needed to do. The fact that they made the install appointment for me was also a relief, because I didn't have to make a bunch of phone calls myself and maybe not be asking the right questions. This process is so easy and they helped me make a bad situation bearable.” –Susan, 8/31/15

“Fantastic Customer Service! April was very helpful. I told her I needed to have my device installed as soon as possible, and when she found out that there was a problem, she called me immediately and hung around after she could have gone home to help me and make sure that my appointment would be kept the same day I wouldn't have to wait. Thank April!” –Richard, 8/26/15

"Frank was the guy that got me hooked up with an [ignition interlock installation] appointment right away an answered all questions asked. Everything needed to be done was done an cant wait to get back on the road."-Jason, NY, 8/19/15

"I was able to quickly schedule an [ignition interlock installation] appointment." -Karl, NY, 8/13/15

“I really appreciated that a rep called me back and left a message to provide me with information that I would need for my installation.” –Shana, KS 4/30/14

"I would like to thank you for the fast installation and date my ignition interlock device (IID) was put in my car. I like your lease program. You folks made a hard time a little easer. Thank you very much!” –Kyle, WI, 9/25/13

“Although the circumstances aren't the way I would prefer them to be, I was very pleased with customer service, the subcontractor-installers, as well as the rapid assistance Intoxalock gives to me when I needed assistance. I experienced a defect in one of the machines and everyone at Intoxalock as well as the local installer got me through the problem as quickly as possible. Thank you for always being friendly and for making this not a scary experience.” –Bill, LA, 8/16/13

“I was very pleased with the representative that helped and also the installation center was really good with install and explaining how unit [ignition interlock system] works. Thanks!” –Denesh, NY, 8/10/13

“My first initial time using the first start up was confusing, but the installer instructed me throughout the process and as I continue to drive my vehicle i am finding it easier to understand.” –Tina Cook, WY, 7/1/13

I was very impressed with Auto Concepts. I may use them as my service garage now! Jay was so friendly and informative... I left in a better mood because of all of the good vibes in that place!

- Brooke, New York Intoxalock customer


“I am very impressed at the kindness and courtesy from everyone at Intoxalock. You handled everything so professionally and really have your act together. Thank you for all your kindness and respect. The gentleman that installed the device in Brookings, Oregon at Pacific Coast Audio was totally awesome,very kind, quick and very professional. Your people are there to serve your customers with the best care possible. The Intoxalock unit is a very very good device [Intoxalock ignition interlock device, BAIID]. It is so safe to operate that it is just amazing. A wonderful unit, top of the line. Thank you for everything for going over and beyond. You should win top company among companies always. –Lester, OR, 10/9/12

“Tom of AAAA Autosound was amazing. He took lots of time and caring to assure me I can learn this. I was a nervous wreck. He is genuine and caring. It was very important to him that I understood everything.” –Mina, NY, 9/26/12

“The sales rep. was soooo nice. With her help and reading the literature, I successfully figured out how to use it. AND... Don't consume alcohol when driving! The sales rep. took her time, and was successful in getting me the installation company I wanted. It isn't a situation anyone wants to be in, and I don't want to be judged. Everyone involved was professional and understanding. I am very happy with the Intoxalock and the installation personal!” –Susan, WI, 7/14/12

“I was very impressed with Auto Concepts. I may use them as my service garage now! Jay was so friendly and informative. That guy deserves a raise! I watched him happily and efficiently assist other customers at the desk, answer phones and I think he was also working on my installation! I was out of there in a little over an hour and I left in a better mood because of all of the good vibes in that place!” –Brooke, NY, 6/20/12

“Can't possibly improve the installation process-excellent!” –Bob, CT, 6/20/12

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