Mobile Installation Services for Ignition Interlock Devices

Intoxalock offers mobile installation to make the interlock process more convenient in some specific areas and states. If available, certain installers are able to come to your work or home to install your device in your car. This allows ignition interlock installers to come directly to you, instead of you having to drive into the service center. This process is convenient and makes the process easier for those who are looking to regain their license and get back on the road quickly. We know you have questions, and we have the answers. If your question isn’t listed here, please feel free to call us. We’d love to help!

Intoxalock offers mobile iid installation in selected areas.
Some states allow for what is called a mobile installation. In these cases, the local Intoxalock service center could provide installation at whatever location is most convenient for you. For example, your local Intoxalock installer could travel to your home or work to install the ignition interlock device. This makes it easier for you, so you don’t have to drive to the location if it’s too far away or not in an area that fits into your daily routine.
For many ignition interlock device customers, the most important reason for choosing a manufacturer is the location of the installer. When a service center offers mobile installation, it can become much simpler for some customers to begin the steps to regaining a license with the ease of an IID install at home.
Intoxalock is a national ignition interlock provider that has the largest service center network in the nation with mobile installers in 22 states, including California, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Illinois. For more information on specific mobile installation sites, visit the installation locations page, enter your zip code, and search for locations nearest to you.