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Ignition interlock device laws

Just as each state has different laws for drunk driving, they have different expectations for ignition interlock devices. This can become confusing if a driver receives their offense in one state, but lives in another.

State laws:

To make sure you are in compliance of the state requiring you to install an ignition interlock device, check their state requirements page. You can find them by clicking on the state name at the bottom of the screen or by going to the state requirements page and entering a zip code for that state.

Multiple offender laws:

Laws for drunk driving and IID usage become stricter if the offender has previous drunk driving offenses. In some states an offender may lose their driving privileges for the rest of their life if they have accumulated enough offenses. Intoxalock lists possible outcomes for multiple offenders on our state-specific pages. However, we only list specifics for up to the first three. If you have had more than three drunk driving offenses, contact your state or attorney to see what is required to regain your license.

DUI with a minor in the car:

Some states have special laws that carry stricter penalties for drunk drivers who have a minor in their vehicle at the time of their offense. If this is something that may impact you, consult your attorney or the state you received your offense in for more information.  

If you’re looking for a qualified and experienced attorney, you can find one near you by going to your state’s requirements page and clicking on “more attorneys.”

Calibration requirements:

Once you have an IID installed in your vehicle you will be required to have it recalibrated every 30-90 days depending on the state’s requirements. Calibrations usually only take a few minutes to complete and are done at a service center. However, in some states Intoxalock offers mobile service where the technician comes to you.

Intoxalock works with you to make sure your ignition interlock experience is as quick and painless as possible. Call us today to make an installation appointment at (888) 283-5899, or fill out our form to get a free quote and see what Intoxalock has to offer you