Beating a breathalyzer

Across the internet, many blogs and videos claim they have the solution to bypassing their ignition interlock device (IID, car breathalyzer, BAIID), allowing them to drive if they’re intoxicated. But the truth of the matter is almost all of those who attempt to perform a car breathalyzer cheat end up getting caught and are then punished with stiff fines and penalties from their state.

Disproven ways to beat ignition interlock devices

Between the various blogs and videos that describe the different ways to perform an interlock bypass, there is a lot of overlapping information that repeats the same methods. Some of the most commonly mentioned ways for cheating interlock devices includes:

  • Bypassing circuitry wires from the IID to the car’s wiring system
  • Using a special device to filter alcohol out of your breath
  • Having someone else submit a test for you
  • Tricking the breathalyzer (sucking on a penny, using breath mints, eating peanut butter, etc.)

All of these listed tactics for tricking ignition interlock devices have been debunked in one way or another. The main reason they do not work has to do with the constant communication between your IID and your state monitoring authority.

Also, ignition interlock devices are constantly being calibrated with the latest software to ensure they are ahead of any tactics meant to circumvent them.

Getting caught tampering with your ignition interlock device

If you attempt in any way to beat your ignition interlock device chances are you will most likely get caught by either your monitoring authority, your interlock provider, or even both. Though the penalties for tampering with an IID vary by each state, a majority of these penalties include prolonging your IID requirement and paying a large monetary fine.

Intoxalock ignition interlock – easiest device to use

In some cases, the reason why people attempt to circumvent their IID has to do with them having difficulty operating it correctly in the first place. Intoxalock Ignition Interlock offers the easiest device to use, with one-button activation and requiring simple blow patterns for submitting your breath sample (no humming required). Intoxalock also has a top-rated 24/7 customer service team happy to help you with all of your ignition interlock device questions and needs.

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