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Drunk driving prevention for families



Call now and find out how you can protect your family for just $49.95* per month!

For as little as $1.65* per day you can install an Intoxalock ignition interlock device or car breathalyzer to prevent a DUI and protect those that mean the most to you. Whether you want to know each time that you are OK to drive when you get behind the wheel, or want to have that same assurance for your loved one, Intoxalock can give you that piece of mind. Installing a car breathalyzer into your vehicle means that no one can drive that vehicle while over the limit. Alcohol monitoring is not just for after a drunken driving offense, ignition interlocks, can help you avoid a drunk driving offense.

Protecting minor children

We all worry about our children and do what we can to protect them, but what about when they ride in the car? Of children ages 14 and younger who were killed in alcohol related motor vehicle crashes in 2012, 52% were passengers to drunk drivers who were their parents or caregivers. Most states consider driving drunk with a child in the car a form of child endangerment and have increased penalties for drivers arrested with a minor in their car; some states even consider this a felony.

By choosing to install an Intoxalock alcohol monitoring device into your vehicle, or that of your children’s caregiver, you’re taking one more step to protect your children from drunk driving.

Parents also worry when their children start driving themselves. While no parents want to believe their teen or young adult will drink and drive, it happens all too frequently and the Zero Tolerance policy of most states can make teen drunk driving a costly yet preventable mistake. Learn more about preventing teens from drunk driving

Voluntary Ignition Interlock Device user

Intoxalock prevents me from drinking and driving which protects my business and personal assets, and saved my marriage. The device forces me to have the willpower I’m lacking.

- Bob, California

Treatment includes an ignition interlock

If you or a loved one has admitted to having a problem with alcohol and are seeking treatment, congratulations! That first step is the hardest. Installing an Intoxalock ignition interlock device as part of your treatment can help you maintain sobriety and avoid driving drunk. When temptation arises, knowing you have a car breathalyzer can give you the support that you need to walk away. As you continue through and beyond treatment, Intoxalock can give you the confidence you need to go through life sober. Call (855) 647-8492 for more information.

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*You may not be eligible for a voluntary account or pricing if there is a court order stipulating the need for an ignition interlock as a condition of any other situation including but not limited to any driving privileges or custody. Please contact an Intoxalock representative to verify if you are eligible for a voluntary account.

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