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Wisconsin lawmakers propose a first-time offender ignition interlock law for drunk drivers

Wisconsin lawmakers propose a first-time offender ignition interlock law for drunk drivers

On Wednesday, December 13th, two Milwaukee lawmakers introduced legislation to make ignition interlock devices a requirement for all DUI offenders looking to regain their licenses. Currently in Wisconsin only repeat offenders or first-time offenders with a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher are required to have an ignition interlock (IID). With the new legislation, all drunk driving offenders would have to have an IID installed in their vehicle for at least a year.

By having a first offender requirement in place, advocates and supporters of the bill hope to see a decrease in repeat drunk driving offenses. Presently 40 percent first-time offenders in Wisconsin end up becoming repeat offenders.Wisconsin law

Other Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Legislation

This bill follows another recent ignition interlock bill that Gov. Scott Walker signed into law last week. That law focused on closing a loophole that allowed offenders to borrow family and friend’s cars that didn’t have an IID installed.

MADD and Intoxalock React

After the announcement of the proposed law was made on Wednesday, MADD and Intoxalock were present to talk about the importance of preventative legislation, and also how IIDs work. Intoxalock’s Representative Skylar Roder was there to demonstrate how to use an IID and to highlight the importance of responsible driving. Roder’s full demonstration can be found on MADD’s Facebook page here.

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