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Telehealth Technology: Convenient Addiction Treatment at Your Fingertips

Welcome to our guest contributor Courtney Todd! Courtney is hails from Workit Health - a teleheatlh company specializing in addiction treament for alcohol, narcotics, and other stubstances that utilize long-term treatment for sucessful recovery. 

When seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, you don’t have to head to rehab. Online options offer an alternative, at-home solution.

At Workit Health, we understand struggling with addiction of any kind can become debilitating. Your focus shifts away from your responsibilities and becomes, “When can I have my next drink?” Understanding you have a problem and seeking help is your first step towards recovery and my company, Workit Health, is making it more accessible to receive effective, affordable addiction treatment.

What is a telehealth alcohol treatment program consist of?

Workit Health’s alcohol treatment program is done completely online via telehealth technology. Just like an in-person rehab, you attend recovery groups, and message with a licensed counselor. Also like an in-person rehab, you learn important skills and strategies through interactive, through online courses built to help you meet your goals. Unlike rehab, all of this is done through Workit’s digital program, so you can receive treatment at a time that works with your schedule, in your home.

The process begins with a quick but comprehensive assessment with our team of precision care navigators, who are devoted to matching each client with the appropriate level of care for their needs. Workit offers naltrexone (Vivitrol) treatment, a medication proven to reduce cravings for alcohol. A systematic review of studies shows that naltrexone treatment can decrease chances of relapse 36%, and at Workit we advocate for evidence-backed tools like this medication to boost our clients chances of finding long-lasting recovery.

Trust and Accountability

We understand that part of recovery is not only earning trust from your loved ones, but also learning to trust yourself and your ability to work through the program while maintaining your everyday responsibilities. This can be tough for many people because daily temptations still exist. Luckily, technology that Intoxalock offers can keep you on track during your recovery.

Intoxalock’s ignition interlock technology is installed into your vehicle's ignition so that you cannot operate the vehicle until you pass the breathalyzer test. Think of this technology as something that's holding you accountable for your recovery, just as your Workit coach does in your chats every week.

Too often, people struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol see it as a weakness. At Workit Health, we believe you can transform this struggle into a strength by seeking out recovery.

About WorkIt Health

Robin and Lisa, the Co-CEOs of Workit Health, both in long-term recovery themselves, started the company because they understand that people are often reluctant to seek treatment. People don’t want to give up their lives to enter a recovery program. With Workit Health you don’t have to give up your life, and you can accomplish it all.

For more information on Workit Health’s alcohol treatment program visit our website.

About the author: Courtney Todd is the digital marketing coordinator at Workit Health. She has a  passion for raising awareness in the addiction treatment, recovery, and public health space. Workit Health has offices in CA and MI, but offers telehealth treatment to customers right where they are across the globe.

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