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Resources for DUI Offenders After Conviction

Resources for DUI Offenders After Conviction

It can be difficult to rebuild your life following a DUI conviction, and it’s also a very lonely time. However, there are many resources in place to help you get through this difficult time. It can be tough to ask for help, but people are willing and able to give it. There are programs and options in place for you. Jackie Murray is an Ignition Interlock Coordinator and a Recovery Specialist in the fifth judicial district in Minnesota. Through her work, Murray helps many offenders who are dealing with the consequences of a DUI conviction. She offered insight into the post-conviction job hunt that we wanted to share with you.

Here are some of the resources Murray advises offenders to take advantage of as they rebuild their lives after a conviction:

  1. Human services: The department of human services for your area should offer a variety of services, including transportation help. This could include discounted transit passes or ride alternatives. Get in touch with them to see how they can help. Human Services is a tax-funded entity, but potential services they recommend may be privately funded. These organizations are intended to be there for you when you are in need.
  2. Financial assistance and grant programs: Depending on your chosen profession, a DUI conviction may result in being let go from your job, or difficulty finding transportation to commute. There are financial options and opportunities for assistance to help you pay for transportation, food, and other basic needs. Some may be available through the Department of Human Services. These assistance programs can also help with the cost of ignition interlock installation so offenders can regain their driving privileges.
  3. Alcoholics Anonymous and other treatment programs: Many offenders are required to attend alcohol treatment or classes. In addition to anything court-ordered, Murray commends Alcoholics Anonymous and similar programs (Narcotics Anonymous, etc.) as great resources for many who are struggling with addiction. The regular meetings offer community, and often attendees and those in charge are aware of many resources you may need. They are a good place to find other people to support you in your sobriety and goals.
  4. Websites geared toward job seekers with convictions: Jobs for Felons Hub is aimed at helping those with a conviction obtain employment. All jobs listed on the site are open to accepting candidates with a past conviction. Perusing the site should give you a good idea of what types of jobs you may qualify for with a conviction. Additionally, the COVID pandemic has caused an increase in remote jobs. Searching for remote work would be helpful for anyone unable to drive due to a license suspension. Searching carefully will reveal there are a lot of options. Murray said people are often surprised by what career options are still open to them following a conviction, so don’t lose hope.
  5. Library: If you do not have reliable Internet, the library is a great resource to use. You can use the computers to apply for jobs, check emails, and stay in touch with your support network. Additionally, most libraries offer courses and career guidance for free to patrons. If you’re job hunting, some of these classes may be useful.
  6. Probation officer: For many, the idea of probation can be daunting. However, your probation officer is also a resource. Part of their job is to ensure you are able to secure steady employment and continue on a path of growth. They do not want you to re-offend, and they may have many options and resources from their experience to pass on to you. Building a good relationship and rapport can help you.
  7. Friends and family: Murray said that many offenders may be surprised at how many people they know who have been through something similar. She says emotional support is very important. The more you talk to others who have been in a similar position and learn that their DUI did not define them, the more optimistic you will feel. Having a support system of friends, family, and people who have been through the process will help you navigate the situation and move forward.

Dealing with the upheaval a DUI can cause will be challenging, but you have a better chance of regaining your former momentum if you access the resources available to you. They are there to help you.

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