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Policeman uses short film to highlight the impact of drunk driving

When it comes to drunk driving, our law enforcement officials are the ones on the front lines. Police officers easily see how getting behind the wheel while under the influence can impact lives.

An officer’s solution

One officer in India has seen enough. Rakki Mahesh, aka C. Maheswaran, is an amateur filmmaker who has turned his lens towards the dangers of drunk driving. His most recent work focuses on the family of a man who crashed his car while drunk driving. By showing the man’s story instead of having it just turn into another statistic, Maheswaran highlights just how life-altering something like drunk driving can be.

The short film titled En Thangachikku Kalyanam is a 13-minute long look at the life of a man who crashed his car into a stationary semi while looking for his sister’s husband-to-be on the day of her wedding. The brother was made to drink by others around him before he got behind the wheel. The man suffered injuries and the film shows him going through surgeries; however, this wasn’t the only pain felt.

Changed lives

Because of the brother’s irresponsible drinking, the groom and his family decided to pull out of the wedding, citing the brother of the bride’s drinking problem as the reason. What started as a celebratory day quickly ended in broken bones and changed lives. His decision to get behind the wheel will continue to impact his and his family’s lives for years to come.

Other films

Maheswaran has several short films he’s created during his time as a police officer. All of his films center around issues that he’s seen while working. Currently, a shortened version of En Thangachikku Kalyanam is showing as a PSA in theaters in India. Hopefully, the first-hand look he provides will help inspire others to think twice before drinking and driving.

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