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NTSB Top Safety Recommendations Include Interlocks | Intoxalock

NTSB Top Safety Recommendations Include Interlocks | Intoxalock

NTSB Top Safety Recommendations Include Interlocks

The National Transportation Safety Board recently released their Most Wanted List of safety concerns, outlining their top safety recommendations for lawmakers, industry organizations and advocacy organizations to implement.

NTSB uses research from other organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to inform their safety recommendations. Some of the serious consequences of drunk driving NHTSA has reported recently include:

  • There were 10,142 deaths in car crashes where the driver had a BAC of more than .08 percent in 2019. This accounts for 28 percent of all deaths in traffic accidents that year.
  • In 2018, 1,038 were killed in crashes involving an impaired driver.
  • In March 2020, alcohol involved injury and fatality cases accounted for 50% of cases, but that significantly increased to 65% in July 2020.
  • More drivers are using alcohol along with other drugs like THC. During COVID, active THC was nearly five percent more prevalent than alcohol among drivers in crashes, and opioid use nearly doubled to 13.9 percent

The NTSB states that “impaired driving is 100% preventable, ” and recommends states “Enact laws to require the use of alcohol ignition-interlock devices for all individuals convicted of driving while intoxicated offenses.” Additionally, the NTSB recommends states enact laws lowering the legal BAC limit to .05 percent.

Utah 24-7 Sobriety Program Now Applies to All Offenders

Utah adopted the 24-7 sobriety program on a trial basis in 2018, and the pilot program is now being made permanent. The program requires DUI defendants to test for alcohol at a jail facility, in person, twice per day. They may also be required to undergo drug testing at the same time. In some cases, the in-person testing may be replaced by an ankle monitor. The new law taking effect May 15, 2021 allows first-time DUI offenders to be sentenced to the 24-7 program for 30 days.

Offenders who skip the required testing or fail a test may have their driving privileges suspended for 120 days. Anyone who fails the 24-7 program or violates rules can have their driving privileges suspended for two years.

This pilot program is now permanent law and will apply to all DUI offenders. Utah has the lowest legal blood alcohol content limit (BAC) in the United States, at .05 percent compared to the .08 percent standard in other states. The pilot program was made law as part of Utah House Bill 26, which along with House Bill 20 also made several other changes to the way DUI offenses are handled across the state.

Intoxalock Can Help You Prevent Drunk Driving

Intoxalock is an approved provider and has more than 4,000 locations nationwide. Drivers who have been ordered to install an ignition interlock device can easily make an appointment to get their device and regain their driving privileges.

Many people also choose to install an ignition interlock device voluntarily to help them maintain their sobriety. IIDs can be a great tool to help prevent making a mistake by driving drunk.

To get started with an IID if you have been ordered by the state to install, check the documents and instructions provided by the court before scheduling your installation appointment. Intoxalock customer support is available 24/7 to help with any questions about your state’s process and anything else about Intoxalock devices you need to know. Call (833) 623-0200 to speak with them, or fill out the form online.

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