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Nevada Passes Assembly 427, Interlock Requirements Change

Nevada Passes Assembly 427, Interlock Requirements Change

Nevada enacted Assembly Bill 427 on June 4, 2021, and the bill became effective upon passage. These laws now impact those who commit alcohol-based driving offenses. There are many changes, and the most significant is that judges will now give more weight to the number of prior driving offenses a driver has instead of the BAC (blood alcohol content) of the driver.

Changes to Nevada’s Ignition Interlock Requirements Explained

Since the changes were immediately enacted, this means they apply to anyone who commits an alcohol-based driving offense since June 4, 2021. Here is how sentencing laws will work per the changes:

  • First-time offenders may be sentenced for six months
  • Second-time offenders may be sentenced for one year
  • A third-time offender may be sentenced for three years
  • For a first-time DUI offender who also tampers with their IID, their license revocation will extend an additional 3 years
  • For a second or subsequent offender who tampers with their IID, their license will be revoked an additional 5 years.
  • An IID may only be installed after this revocation period is complete.

These are recommendations, but it is important to remember that in Nevada, a judge does not have to sentence a DUI offender to an IID.

There are also changes to the process for regaining your license. Here are some of those requirements, for offenders sentenced to an IID:

  • Offenders must install an IID before the DMV allows them to have an IID license
  • The Nevada DMV will be allowed to make rules and regulations for the state IID program
  • The Nevada DMV must issue IID licenses instead of restricted licenses when an offender is mandated to an IID by the court
  • DUI offenders will receive credit for early installation of their IID at a day-to-day rate

Have Questions? Intoxalock Can Help

If you are unsure about any of the state requirements or how to begin the ignition interlock device installation process, Intoxalock’s state specialists can help. They are aware of all the updates and can help you find a location near you. Contact 833-623-0200 or start a chat on www.intoxalock.com to get in touch.

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