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Michigan man receives 14th drunk driving conviction

A drunk driving offense could happen to anyone. 14 drunk driving offenses, however, signify a greater problem. Zenon Bialokur, a 54 Michigan resident, was recently arrested for his 14th drunk driving offense, a Michigan news source revealed.

Bialokur’s 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix was pulled over by a Michigan deputy after ignoring a traffic signal. “Upon talking to the driver, the deputy determined that he was intoxicated,” the police report filed following Bialokur’s arrest noted.

On top of 13 other drunk driving convictions that dated back to 1998, Bialokur’s record shows ten citations for driving on a suspended license and 12 driving suspensions.

Bialokur’s 14th drunk driving arrest came with felony drunk driving charges, driving without a license and a charge for possessing “open intoxicants” in a vehicle. He was booked into Macomb County Jail with a $50,000 bond. In addition, his vehicle was impounded by the police.

This case is one of many, unfortunately, that outline flaws in ignition interlock programs across the country. When a license is suspended or even revoked, there is nothing stopping offenders, especially habitual offenders, from continuing to drink and drive.

On average, a person drives drunk 80 times before being caught. In this case, it can be assumed that Bialokur has driven drunk well over 1,000 times. (MADD) That is 1,000 times that his actions could have killed or seriously injured innocent people on the roads.

Intoxalock is in support of requiring ignition interlock devices for all drunk driving offenders. Studies are consistent in showing that 60-80% of drunk drivers continue driving on a suspended license. Ignition interlocks are the only mechanism that prevents a vehicle from being started while intoxicated. To learn more about ignition interlock devices, contact Intoxalock Ignition Interlock at (833) 623-0200.

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