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Intoxalock is now a certified ignition interlock provider in Florida

Intoxalock announced this week that they are now certified to install ignition interlock devices in the state of Florida. Florida is the 41st state that Intoxalock is state-certified in. Read the full press release.

Convenient locations
With over 50 certified ignition interlock installation locations in the Florida, Intoxalock is working diligently to provide the best ignition interlock experience to customers in that state. Locations are available in each of Florida’s 20 districts and in prominent cities including Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa and Orlando. In total, Intoxalock has over 1,800 authorized installation locations nationwide.

“Our approach to Service Center location remains customer focused with an effort to have quality locations within a reasonable distance of all Florida drivers,” Kerry Keller, Vice President of Compliance and Field Operations said.

Advanced technology
Florida requires all ignition interlock devices installed the state to have a camera unit installed as well to verify the identity of the person submitted breath samples into the device. eLERT®, Intoxalock’s camera unit, comes equipped with additional advanced technology features such as GPS verification and real-time reporting. This helps to guarantee accuracy and visibility for both users and the monitoring authorities overseeing the ignition interlock device program.

Florida ignition interlock requirements
Currently, multiple offense drunk driving offenders are required to install an ignition interlock device in any vehicle they own or drive for a period of time. First-time offenders may be required to install an ignition interlock device if the court orders it. Read more about Florida’s ignition interlock device and drunk driving laws.

To schedule an ignition interlock device installation at one of our convenient locations in Florida, call us today at (833) 623-0200. We have state-specialists on staff to help guide you through the ignition interlock process.

If you are an attorney, treatment professional or monitoring authority and are interested in doing business with Intoxalock, please reach out to us at partner@intoxalock.com.

Carly has been with Intoxalock for two years. Her areas of expertise include content marketing and market research within the DUI and ignition interlock sectors. She also has experience overseeing the affiliate partner program at Intoxalock and managing B2B relationships.

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