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Intoxalock cuts Missouri ignition interlock pricing by 35% with no minimum lease length

At Intoxalock, we understand that a first-time DUI offense need not entail a lifelong commitment—or a lifelong investment, for that matter. That’s why, starting in 2016, we are proud to announce that we are cutting the price of Intoxalock’s monthly lease by 35% in Missouri to provide an affordable ignition interlock device (IID) solution to individuals with short-term leases.

In Missouri, you have the option of regaining driving privileges immediately after a first-offense DUI with the installation of an ignition interlock device. State regulations require first-time DUI offenders to use an ignition interlock for a term of six months or shorter. This allows enough time for fees to rack up, without allowing the time for long-term deals and benefits to kick in.

Accordingly, Intoxalock has lowered their monthly rate in the state, currently making Intoxalock the lowest priced ignition interlock device on the Missouri market! This advancement will benefit all Intoxalock users, but will especially assist first-time offenders looking to quickly get back on the road to a normal life.

Approximately 40% of Missouri traffic fatalities are alcohol-related, according to alcoholalert.com. At Intoxalock, we strive to keep all drivers safe on the road, reducing this statistic for IID users and non-users alike.  We believe that an Intoxalock ignition interlock will help both first-time and multiple-time offenders learn the skills they need to avoid drunk driving. We hope with this new pricing advancement in Missouri, first-time offenders using Intoxalock might reap the benefits of our low-cost systems without committing to long-term lease agreements. For more information about an Intoxalock ignition interlock device, call our state specialists at (833) 623-0200..

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