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Intoxalock celebrates its employees with Women’s Lunch and Casino Night

Intoxalock celebrates its employees with Women’s Lunch and Casino Night

On February 9th, Intoxalock took time to show its employees appreciation with a Women’s Networking Lunch and a Casino Night. Designed to motivate and celebrate their employees, these events show just how valuable each member of the Intoxalock team is to the company and how they continue to push Intoxalock forward.

Women’s Lunch:

Intoxalock hosted its first Women’s Networking Lunch at the Des Moines Country Club on Friday afternoon. The lunch brought together women leaders from across the company to celebrate inclusion and inspire growth.

The lunch encouraged women from different departments to get to know one another and to create inter-departmental relationships. After eating, Kimberly Williams lead them all in a group initiative using only tennis balls and stopwatches. The initiative stood as an example of how strong leadership and communication, along with thinking outside the box can create the best results.

After the game, Williams gave a powerful keynote on what it means to be a female CEO and her top ten rules to live by. She emphasized how the path to becoming a CEO was sometimes challenging, but that women are very capable of traversing it.

Casino Night:

Later the same day, a company-wide celebration was held at the Tuscany Event Center. “Casino Night” was the playful theme of the celebration that included classic casino games, funny money, and a raffle at the end of the night.

The event was created to reward the dedication and hard work of Intoxalock's employees, as well as a way for employees to get to know each other better.

Intoxalock is exceedingly proud of all the lifesaving work their employees do. Without the desire to inspire positive change, the dedication to produce exceptional results, and drive to deliver amazing service, Intoxalock wouldn’t be the same exemplary company that it is today.

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