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Intoxalock Announces 2021 Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship Winner and Finalists

Intoxalock Announces 2021 Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship Winner and Finalists

Intoxalock’s mission is to keep the roads safer for everyone by helping drunk driving offenders get back on the road safely and responsibly. Intoxalock provides interlock device installation and support for DUI offenders, who are often required to install an ignition interlock device, or IID, in order to get their driving privileges back.

In order to continue expanding our message, Intoxalock has offered the Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship for current and future college students for the past several years. Each year, a winner is chosen and receives a $3,000 scholarship to be used at their future or current institution.

To enter, applicants create an original 30-60 second Public Service Announcement video about the dangers of drunk driving, and ways it can be prevented. We’re always thrilled with the ingenuity and creativity put into these videos, and this year was no exception. We have an exceptional winner and four exceptional finalists to share with you.

2021 Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship Winner: Riley Dewsnup

This year’s winner is Riley Dewsnup, a graduating senior who is attending Utah State University next year. Riley’s video showcased how quickly a simple decision can lead to tragedy, and how easily this tragedy can be prevented. Her creativity, sincerity, and effort helped make her selection the top choice. We asked Riley a few questions about her future plans, learn more about her below!

What are your social media handles?

My not-so-personal Instagram account is @sketchylilbean, used mostly for art. The other is @4sistersoutdoors for the business I’m trying to build.

What is your current major?

I’ve been accepted into Utah State University to major in Outdoor Product Design and Development! I’m stoked to start this fall.

What would you like to do after college?

My goal would be to work under a big outdoor brand, like Black Diamond or PrAnna, for filming. Think product ads, adventure stories, or how to use their gear properly. Otherwise, I’m content to live in a tent in the woods.

How will this scholarship help your academic endeavors?

This amazing scholarship opportunity will be helping me to cover the costs of books or other student fees! Not having to constantly stress about finances will really help me to focus on doing the best I can academically, and allow me to put school first.

Why did you choose to apply for this Drunk Driving Prevention scholarship?

I was scrolling through an enormous list of scholarships, completely overwhelmed and uninterested by most of them. When I saw that this scholarship allowed for creativity, filming, and video editing, I was beyond excited! I thought to myself, ‘Finally! Something I want to do!’ It was a great way to not only learn more about drunk driving, but grow my abilities as a video editor and director.

Intoxalock Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship Finalists

This year was a tough competition, with several outstanding entries. We wanted to highlight the top four finalists for this year’s scholarship competition. In addition to winner Riley Dewsnup, we had amazing entries from these students.

Asjia Roberson took a serious statistical approach in her entry. Her PSA shows how damaging drunk driving can be, and how simply it can be prevented by making better choices.

Lauren Sonnenberg shared a moving story about her own personal experience of being in a serious crash caused by a drunk driver, as well as a painful family loss caused by a drunk driver. These emotional stories really helped show how the choice to drive drunk can have a lasting impact.

Addison Guckert Hunter shares how many precious life events you could miss out on by driving drunk. Her thoughtful video also highlights the many options people have to try before deciding to get behind the wheel, like calling a cab or spending the night with a friend.

Hailee Franklin showed the dangerous decisions that drinking to excess can lead to, and how preventive measures like Intoxalock can help stop a drunk driver before they can start.

We hope these entries inspire you! Keep an eye out for future opportunities when the Intoxalock Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship begins taking new entries later this year.

Intoxalock Prevents Drunk Driving

Intoxalock devices are designed to prevent drunk driving. The ignition interlock device requires the driver to take a Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) test before they can start the car, and requires random retesting on most trips to ensure continuous sobriety.

Many offenders are required to install an Intoxalock device because of a DUI conviction, but the devices are also available on a voluntary basis to anyone who wants to install one. Many use them as a sobriety aid or a precautionary safety measure for teenage drivers. To find out more, fill out this form to get a quote or call 833-623-0200 to speak to a state specialist today.

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