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Interlock devices as a long-term treatment tool for alcoholics

It is true that not all people who are required to use an ignition interlock device are alcoholics. In fact, the true number is probably less than half. For those that are, indeed, continuous alcohol users with a true drinking problem, ignition interlock devices can be a necessary part of the equation that forces them to finally beat their addiction.

Interlocks have very specific “traits” that make them very useful for combating alcohol addiction.

Let’s look at these.  First, as any interlock user will tell you, ignition interlock devices are a constant reminder of the fact that you simply have to have one. Every start, every retest, every time you have to have the device monitored; these are all are constant reminders of what happened to get you where you are. They not only remind you, but they force you to face reality with your problem. If you want to go anywhere, you better be sober. For most of us, that is easy. For an alcoholic, that could be as difficult as running a marathon. Either way, it is so necessary.Ignition interlock devices can help with alcoholism

Clinically, ignition interlock devices and the data they provide are a gold mine. Addiction professionals can use this information as both a diagnostic tool and as a measuring stick of progress. Historically, these professionals had to rely on written questionnaires to ascertain risk levels and problem behaviors. Of course, one of the most prominent features of addiction is denial or flat out lying.  People can lie. Ignition interlock devices cannot.  Give a counselor this data, especially long-term, and the truth games will stop.  Will ignition interlock devices cure you? No. That is not how addiction works. They can, however, force you to take the necessary steps that will lead to remission.

Intoxalock’s eLERT 24 is an ignition interlock device combined with home monitoring options. This guarantees sober driving but also helps people be mindful of their alcohol choices when they choose not to operate a vehicle.

Will interlock devices stop alcoholism? Of course not. Are ignition interlock devices an alcoholic’s worst nightmare? Probably pretty close. Despite that, ignition interlock devices provide the hope that many people facing an alcohol addiction desperately searching for. For more information about an Intoxalock ignition interlock device, call our state specialists at (833) 623-0200..

Carly has been with Intoxalock for two years. Her areas of expertise include content marketing and market research within the DUI and ignition interlock sectors. She also has experience overseeing the affiliate partner program at Intoxalock and managing B2B relationships.

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