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What to know about ignition interlock device hygiene and steps during a virus outbreak

What to know about ignition interlock device hygiene and steps during a virus outbreak

Cold, flu, and the recent spread of COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) have many customers concerned about their ignition interlock device’s hygiene and continued servicing. 

Steps for cleaning and sanitizing your IID

To keep devices sanitary, ignition interlock customers should use these best practices to avoid spreading a virus or other germs:

  • Keep extra mouthpieces on hand to avoid sharing - extra mouthpieces are available at your local Intoxalock location or by sending a request to Help@Intoxalock.com
  • Clean your mouthpiece regularly with warm water and soap and dry before use
  • Clean off the outside of your device by using a disinfectant to avoid surface germs
  • If someone else must drive your car, thoroughly clean the exterior of the device before and after, and use an extra mouthpiece or freshly sanitized mouthpiece.  We would recommend allowing at least 20 minutes between disinfecting the device and providing a breath sample.
  • Reminder - DO NOT put any liquid down inside of the device. Customers are responsible for any damages to the device. 

The health and well-being of Intoxalock customers, employees, and the general public remains top of mind and our highest priority. We will continue to act thoughtfully to aid customers and provide any information on state changes, should any occur. Any states announcing changes will be listed at the bottom of the page linked here.

For more information on sanitation practices during installation, calibration, and in our daily operations at Intoxalock facilities, please visit https://www.intoxalock.com/customer-support/coronavirus

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