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Why does my ignition interlock device have GPS tracking?

Why does my ignition interlock device have GPS tracking?

Ignition interlock devices (IIDs) are the most effective way to help prevent drunk driving on our nation’s roads. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD®) data from 2017 shows IIDs stopped 2.3 million attempts to drive drunk over a twelve year period. States continue to improve this technology to help prevent drunk driving and help people through a drunk driving conviction. 

Many people wonder what type of information IIDs collect and why they collect it. Several states require global positioning system (GPS) tracking be integrated within ignition interlock devices. This technology enables the device to record when and where you provide breath samples in real time so that records can be precise. In some states, GPS in the device records and reports the location of the vehicle should it register a violation. 

All ignition interlocks collect a wide range of data, regardless of whether they have GPS:

  • Records every breath sample provided, including breath alcohol concentration
  • Car location
  • Calibrations and missed calibrations
  • Device tampering

The device stores this data to be examined by the device manufacturer. Each state has different requirements about what happens to this data and how it is stored. The manufacturer provides the information to your monitoring authority based on your state laws. The data collected by the device helps your monitoring authority ensure you’re complying with your IID requirements and helps protect you when you do comply with your requirement. 

Intoxalock has you covered.

The Intoxalock eLERT and eLERT24 devices are equipped with GPS so that you are in compliance with your state’s requirements. Our easy-to-use devices have one-button technology that meets, and even exceeds, state requirements. 

Our state specialists are well-versed in each state’s requirements, meaning they know exactly what device to install in your vehicle if you receive an ignition interlock order. To get started with a device, fill out this form and one of our customer support representatives will be in touch. 

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