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How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?

The aftermath of a DUI conviction is often very stressful. The impact on your life is significant. Most states will suspend or revoke your license as a penalty, even for first-time offenders. A DUI on your record can impact many facets of your life, beyond just driving:

  • Job prospects: With a DUI on your record, you may find certain job roles out of your reach. While a DUI is a relatively minor criminal offense compared to other more serious crimes, it can still limit you. Jobs where you need to drive, or operate heavy machinery, will not be possible. Other roles you may no longer qualify for include childcare, healthcare, government jobs, law enforcement, and jobs in education.
  • Housing options: This is tied to employment. With a DUI on your record, employment options are limited. Landlords may decline your application for rent out of concerns for your earning potential. The same may be true for mortgages and other large purchases.
  • Professional licensing and certification: Certain professional occupations that require special licensing or certifications may not be possible. Licenses for professions like medicine, real estate, and law can be revoked following a DUI conviction. For offenders who’ve held those careers, this can be a devastating blow. Commercial drivers license holders will also have their commercial license revoked, even if the incident occurred when they were not working or driving their work vehicle.

The length of time a DUI stays on your record can vary by state, but it is typical for one to remain on your driving record for five to ten years. Most criminal background checks will also find a DUI conviction, unless it has been expunged or the record has been sealed.

How Can I Avoid the Ramifications of a DUI?

The simplest way to avoid the ramifications of a DUI conviction is to drink responsibly, and avoid driving when drinking. This can be difficult, especially because alcohol can alter your decision making skills, making you believe you can safely drive when in fact you cannot. If you struggle with drinking responsibly, these tips may help:

  • Choose a designated driver: a designated driver who remains sober can ensure you arrive home safely, even if you overindulge.
  • Using rideshare or public transportation: If you have reliable public transportation, this is an inexpensive way to get home safely. A rideshare is also a safe option. Plan ahead before going out to ensure you know your route home, and which option you will choose.
  • Voluntary ignition interlock: a voluntary ignition interlock is a useful tool in preventing drunk driving. Anyone can have one installed. The device will require you to test your Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) and pass the test. If you fail, you will not be able to start the car. The device also requires random retests during most trips. Please note, the interlock will never stop your vehicle after it’s already been started. For mandated users required to get an interlock after a conviction, all test failures are reported to the state. This is not the case for voluntary users.
  • Alcohol abuse treatment: if your alcohol use is impacting your life significantly, it may be worthwhile to look into treatment or educational options. Evaluating your own substance use in an objective environment can help you determine whether or not you have an addiction or problem with alcohol.

Intoxalock is the #1 Interlock Brand in the United States

Intoxalock ignition interlock devices (IIDs) are available in all 50 states for voluntary users. The devices are also currently approved in 46 states. This means they meet all state criteria and can be used to fulfill an interlock requirement mandated by the court.

Intoxalock has 24/7 customer support to assist with any questions you may have. We also have more than 4,500 installation locations nationwide. You can easily find a location convenient to you. To learn more about interlocks, contact us at 833-623-0200.

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