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Celebrities with drunk driving convictions

Celebrities with drunk driving convictions

After you receive a drunk driving offense, you might feel alone, embarrassed or ashamed. However, thousands of people are convicted of drunk driving every year — even celebrities, the people who are sometimes considered to have “everything.” These high-profile actors, athletes and musicians have all had a DUI/OWI arrest.

Reese Witherspoon: This Oscar-winning actress was arrested in 2013 for drunk driving and disorderly conduct. Witherspoon later stated how she was embarrassed about her behavior, but admitted that there are many things people don’t know about her.

Michael Phelps: Even though he’s the most decorated Olympian of all time, Phelps has had some trouble with the law, including 2004 and 2014 drunk driving convictions. Because his arrest and subsequent time in rehab, Phelps said he had some of the biggest learning experiences he’s ever had.

Justin Bieber: In 2014, this Grammy nominee was arrested for drunk driving, driving with an expired driver’s license and resisting arrest without violence. Bieber avoided jail time, but has cleaned up his act since the incident.

Michelle Rodriguez: This award-winning actress has been arrested for two drink driving offenses — one in 2003 and the other in 2005. Today, she is a successful actress with acting, directing and screenwriting credits to her name.

Charles Barkley: Barkley, an NBA Hall of Fame member, an 11 time NBA All Star and two-time Olympian, was arrested in 2008 for drunk driving. He admitted that he was disappointed in himself for getting behind the wheel after he had been drinking.

Kevin Hart: Pulled over in 2013, funny man Kevin Hart was arrested for drunk driving. He claims the conviction was a huge wakeup call, and his career has skyrocketed since the incident.

After your arrest, it’s normal to feel ashamed, but know that you can learn from the mistake and move on. Intoxalock is here to help you navigate the road after a drunk driving conviction. Read real customer reviews and call one of our experts today at (833) 623-0200 for help.

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