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CA DUI Arrests Increase Reach Nearly 1,000 Fourth of July

CA DUI Arrests Increase Reach Nearly 1,000 Fourth of July

The Sacramento Bee reported that the California Highway Patrol (CHP)arrested nearly 1,000 people on suspicion of DUI over the Independence Day Weekend. That’s one arrest every five minutes over the 2021 holiday weekend. From Friday, July 2, at 6:01 p.m. through 11:59 p.m. on Monday, July 5, the CHP was on the lookout for distracted drivers, speeding drivers, and drivers who seemed to be under the influence. This could mean drivers who were speeding, driving recklessly, drifting, or other symbols of poor focus spotted by officers.

In addition to these arrests, 43 people were killed in crashes that occurred during the holiday weekend in California. Arrests were down slightly compared to 2020.

Dangers of Holiday Weekends on the Road and Off

Though the National Highway Administration has not yet released this year’s nationwide data , they campaign for drivers to operate safely and drive sober over the Fourth of July and other holiday weekends.

How can you protect yourself over the holiday?

Alcohol can cause problems on and off the road, so for anyone indulging, take note of these potential dangers, which can be exacerbated by alcohol:

  • Vehicular damage — even if you aren’t over the legal limit, driving while under the influence of alcohol can still affect your focus. You may be more careless than usual and wind up with scrapes, or other potential vehicle issues like a clipped side mirror or empty gas tank.
  • Household accidents — overindulgence can turn even the safest space into a danger zone. Drunkenness can lead to a lack of coordination, resulting in falls, bumps, bruises, and even kitchen accidents. Many may be familiar with the phenomenon of heating up a pizza after a night out, only to discover a blackened disc in their oven instead of a delicious pie in the morning.
  • Decision-making — your thought processes and decision-making abilities are impaired when drinking. This leads some people to think they are making sound decisions, when they are not. For example, many people who are intoxicated insist they are sober enough to drive. Ill-advised decisions can lead to disastrous consequences, like a DUI conviction, accident, or other negative impacts.
  • General safety — When you have been drinking, your decision-making skills are impaired, and you may lose focus. This can mean you’re not as conscientious as you might normally be. You may make decisions that aren’t in line with your normal thought process, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

Drink responsibly and call for a safe ride if you overindulge.

Intoxalock Has Resources to Help

If you are struggling with alcohol or have recently been arrested for an alcohol-related driving offense, Intoxalock can help.

Get assistance from one of our state specialists - call 833-623-0200 . They know how the process works in every state and can help you get started.

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