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A DUI is no laughing matter, even for a clown

A veteran Alabama sheriff thought he had already seen all there was to see in the field, until he experienced a recent traffic stop in Pinson, a city outside Birmingham. The Jefferson County officer pulled over 51-year old Joel Sloan around 8:30 p.m. after a concerned motorist called him in. The motorist reported seeing Sloan’s red Ford SUV weaving in and out of traffic.

The catch? As the officer approached Sloan’s vehicle, he noticed Sloan was dressed head-to-toe in a clown costume. Sloan was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) after his Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC) registered above the legal limit. Sloan confessed he had consumed “only a few drinks” at a local restaurant that night…all while in his clown suit.

Not only was Sloan arrested for DUI. He also had an outstanding felony warrant for first-degree theft. Even after his arrest, Sloan offered up no explanation for his rather odd outfit choice. He did, however, pose for a photo before he was forced to take his costume off.

According to Al.com, Chief Deputy Randy Christian said that no instance of drunk driving is a laughing matter but it isn’t every day that someone dressed as a clown is booked into jail.

In a comment on Sloan’s mugshot posted on the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, one person asked, “Does this look like the unicycle guy from the waffle house?!”

It looks like Sloan is well known in his community.Alabama clown arrested for DUI

While everyone agrees that a DUI is an extremely serious matter, there was some fun to be had with the photos of Sloan. A Facebook commenter asked, ” I have a serious question. When he was pulled over, did 17 other clowns get out of the car with him….lol. Just kidding, good job protecting our families and streets.”

Another commented, “DUI is nothing to clown about. Good job JCSO.”

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