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Let’s Get You Back on the Road

Thanks for purchasing the Intoxalock “Get Started” Kit on Amazon. Congratulations on taking your first step toward installing an ignition interlock device with an industry leading provider.

Speak with an Intoxalock State Specialist

What’s Included in Your Amazon Purchase

  • Activation Fee
  • 2X Intoxalock Device Mouthpieces

Reminder: The Get Started Kit does not include the cost for the full lease length, as requirements vary for individuals and by state. Be sure to talk to your Intoxalock State Specialist about your requirements. You will be subject to additional costs.

Three Step Easy Process

Do NOT skip these steps. Follow the steps below to activate your Intoxalock account.

Step 1: Start the Activation Process by Completing the Form Above

Start the process by completing the form above. We’ll use this information to create your account, and have an Intoxalock State Specialist reach out to you.

Step 2: Talk to an Intoxalock State Specialist

Once you submit the completed form, an Intoxalock State Specialist will call you to discuss your state’s requirements, provide detailed pricing and flexible payment options, and schedule an installation appointment at the nearest Intoxalock official location.

Remember to talk to our state specialist about the length of time needed to meet your state’s requirements. Your State Specialist will answer any of your questions, provide you with information about your lease, and share.

During your call, the Intoxalock State Specialist will walk you through the installation process. Be sure to provide the following information:

  • Year, make, and model of vehicle

  • Vehicle features, such as push button start, remote start, hybrid

Step 3: Get installed

Be sure to arrive at your installation appointment on time. The appointment may take approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Bring the installation fee with you to your appointment. Remember – the installation fee is not included in the “Intoxalock Get Started Kit,” and was provided to you during your call with one of our Intoxalock State Specialists. The installation fee is a one-time fee paid directly to the service center to complete your install, and fee varies by location.

At your appointment, your certified installer will:

  • Train you on how to use the device

  • Answer any questions

  • Give you extra mouthpieces, if needed

  • Provide you with your certification of installation

Our team is ready to help you get back on the road after a DUI offense. At any point during the process, you can call and speak with our friendly and compassionate agents in order to answer any of your questions.